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We are a Non-Profit company that helps borrowers by providing post mortgage foreclosure mitigation counseling therefore, arming the borrowers with the must needed guidance thus helping them to STOP the FORECLOSURE process. This is achieved by communicating with both the borrowers and the lenders. Through this effort we can help each borrower understand what choices the have to make as well as what option may be available to them. Most borrowers are unaware that they have options available to them. Some of these options include Loan Workout agreements, Loan Modification, Forbearance Agreements, Repayment Plans, and Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure.   


Our Mission

It's our intent is to help with the over whelming need for counseling intermediary’s available to American families facing delinquency and foreclosure. Helping borrowers prevent foreclosure by providing mortgage foreclosure counseling through one-on-one consultations will help the borrowers at-risk of foreclosure understand what option are available to them. Many people in mortgage default and or foreclosure may not recognize how this process works therefore, we can help them realize through education where they are in this process and what they should expecting as the process goes forward. Additionally, to provide educational information the borrowers about how they may have gotten into their situation and what they can do differently in the future to circumvent their hardship from recurring in the future. Provide guidance to the borrowers by helping them through these difficult times they are facing.

Company Profile

By possessing the ability to deliver foreclosure intervention counseling activities such as an analysis of the client's financial situation and evaluation of the current value of the home in question; and a review of options such as the assumption of the mortgage by another non-federal party, the purchase of the mortgage by a non-federal third party, other restructuring and refinancing strategies, or the approval of a workout strategy by all interested parties.


For homeowners, the thought of losing your home in a foreclosure is frightening. Your mortgage payment is usually your single largest financial obligation. If you find that you are unable to make your mortgage payment, All-American Foreclosure Solutions, Inc.'s certified housing counselors can help.

Our Confidential, one-on-one counseling is available to help you to review your current financial situation and to develop a workable plan to meet your needs. In your counseling session, our counselor will review your income and your expenses and help you to develop a realistic budget. Our counselor will then discuss the options available to enable you to meet your mortgage obligations. We will determine the cause of the delinquency and discuss with you the appropriate actions to cure your delinquency and, if possible, avoid foreclosure.

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